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My process

ZBrush Document.jpg
ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg

1 / Creating the asset in zBrush

Starting from a low poly, I modelise the main shape and add in complexity and definition until I get the wanted result.

2 / Retopology and UV in Maya

I import my model as a GPU cache, make its surface live and quad draw on the model. I focus on clean edge loop and topology that will be easy to cut in UV and optimize for texturing and rigging.

3 / Reimport in zBrush

I polygroup it with the UV, project the high mesh on the clean topology and add subdivision to get a low and high poly with matching UV. I export both the low and high polymesh to bake in Substance Painter.

4 / Texturing in Substance Painter

I bake my mesh with the high on low technique to have all my maps and I start texturing and painting my model until satisfaction. If I see seams or issue, I'll go back to fix them in zBrush and Maya. 

5 / Rendering the asset

Once I've exported my texture from Substance Painter, I integrate them in Marmoset and I play with the setting until I have a satisfying render. I will retouch the image in Photoshop if necessary.

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